Development of Custom Packing Service at Robnor ResinLab Ltd


Robnor Resinlab TwinPack

Working in partnership with fellow Ellsworth company, KitPackers, Robnor ResinLab provides a custom packing service for epoxies and polyurethanes. Let us take care of packing your bulk material down into a simple and easy to use packaging format…   Twin Pack Pouches Made of a laminate film or foil for solvent- or moisture-sensitive materials, twin pack pouches house two component materials … Read More

New Product Launch: Epoxy Resin PX901C



    Robnor ResinLab, leading formulator of epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, is pleased to announce the launch of PX901C, a brand new epoxy resin with excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability. Available in beige or black, PX901C offers end users high electrical insulation, low shrinkage and excellent chemical resistance. Furthermore, Robnor PX901C is thermally conductive and has an exceptionally … Read More

From Robnor Resins to Robnor ResinLab


Robnor Resins to Robnor Resinlab

We are  pleased to announce an exciting new chapter in Robnor’s history. Effective from December 5th 2016, Robnor Resins will merge with US Resin Manufacturer, ResinLab. In recognition of this new and significant partnership, our company will adopt a new brand identity as Robnor ResinLab. Though our name is changing, we would like to assure you that our product range will … Read More