UL Classification & why we’re proud to have it

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Robnor ResinLab UL Approval

So what is UL Classification? UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent, product safety testing and certification organisation, founded in 1894. Over the last century, Underwriters Laboratories has become the world’s best known independent product safety certification organisation. Over 19,000 types of products, components and materials systems are now rigorously evaluated each year and with 20 billion UL marks appearing on … Read More

Brand New Service: Pre-Mixed & Frozen Resins

Chelsie GriersonNews

Our new Pre-Mixed Frozen Resins could significantly increase productivity on your production line…   So what are Pre-Mixed & Frozen Resins? Basically, we’re talking about two-component materials that are prepared on your behalf. The highly trained staff at Robnor ResinLab will mix, degas, weigh and package the 2K system so you don’t need to.   What about the ‘frozen’ part? … Read More