Kitpackers is an Ellsworth Adhesives Company offering custom packing.
Kitpackers Custom Packing Service, available from Robnor Resinlab

Robnor ResinLab works in partnership with fellow Ellsworth Corporation company, Kitpackers, meaning we are able to offer custom packing for the epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, conformal coatings and encapsulants we supply.

With the evolution of packaging options in the modern manufacturing environment, manufacturers can reduce the hassles associated with mixing materials, by allowing the Kitpackers team of laboratory and re-packaging professionals to take care of this process on their behalf. The Kitpackers team of laboratory and re-packing professionals can take responsibility for handling storing, re-packaging and shipping your hazardous and temperature sensitive materials.

Available packaging options for two-part chemistries include side-by-side cartridges for extrusion or spray, dual syringes, syringe kits, jar kits, twin pouches, barrier kits, injection kits, and premixed frozen syringes and cartridges. Kitpackers also has the capability to ‘pack-down’ totes, drums and pails into smaller units such as 10kg, 5 kg and 1kg kits.

If materials require modification, such as colour and viscosity changes or the addition of conductive fillers or spacer beads, a service provided by Robnor ResinLab, it is wise to have this done as part of the repack process.

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