Robnor ResinLab offers a custom resin formulation service, whereby we can design a specialist formulation tailored to your specific application.

Our staff of Product Development Chemists has the technical background and industry experience to meet your design, manufacturing, and quality requirements.

From the material performance to the packaging, Robnor ResinLab will enable you to meet your application’s targets and specifications, right down to the material’s colour, flexibility and viscosity.

Our full suite of laboratory instrumentation allows us to test and characterize your custom formulation to verify performance with short turnaround times. Our strong tie to Kitpackers also enables us to package your product in your preferred packaging, including cartridges, techkits, and syringes.

With a focus on epoxies and polyurethanes, Robnor ResinLab provides high quality bespoke products to industries including aerospace, defense, electronics, and transportation.

Robnor ResinLab respects the confidentiality of all customers and will be happy to sign NDA documentation if and when required.

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Custom resin formulation being prepared at Robnor Resinlab.