Epoxies come in resin form and are renowned for their high strength and versatility.

As an alternative to polyurethanes and silicones, epoxy resins offer significantly enhanced adhesion and mechanical support while providing thermal transfer, chemical resistance, insulation and dimensional stability.

Epoxies provide strong bonds on a whole range of substrates and work particularly well bonding glass, metal and wood. This material type can be used across a diverse range of industries and applications, but are most commonly used for electronic and electrical applications requiring the highest protection in the toughest environments.

Robnor ResinLab has a comprehensive selection of epoxy materials in its core product range, all of which have been formulated to meet international standards and have been granted UL Approval.

It’s also worth making note that Robnor ResinLab has the capability to manufacture and modify epoxies to suit our customer’s specific application. To enquire about this service please Contact Us.

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