Robnor ResinLab SC123CF

Robnor SC123CF Conformal Coating

Robnor ResinLab SC123CF is a flexible, transparent modified silicone conformal coating.

    • Fast room temperature drying
    • Contains UV trace and antifungal agents
    • UL94 V-0 approved
    • Excellent adhesion under all climatic conditions including high altitude/decompression
    • Resistant to most solvents, lubricants and cooling fluids
    • Excellent resistance to mould growth, ultra violet light, prolonged exposure to tropical life and salt spray
    • Good dielectric properties at all frequencies
    • Fluorescent under ultra violet light as an aid to subsequent inspection
    • Can be soldered through without fear of toxic gases being produced e.g. isocyanate
    • Non-corrosive to Cadmium and Zinc plates (contains no Phenol)

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