Robnor Resins becomes Robnor Resinlab

From Robnor Resins to Robnor ResinLab…

You may have arrived onto our website and are wondering ‘What happened to Robnor Resins?’ Robnor Resins is our former brand identity. Now we are known as Robnor ResinLab and have a brand new logo. Though we have changed our name, our product range hasn’t changed. All products within the ‘Robnor Resins’ range are still available to purchase as Robnor ResinLab and they even have the same product code. The only difference you will find is that the packaging will now feature our new Robnor ResinLab logo.

Why the change in name? 

In December 2016, the companies Robnor Resins and ResinLab joined forces and Robnor ResinLab was born.

Both Robnor Resins and ResinLab are well known for quality, service and support, and in joining together, customers can be assured that this reputation will be maintained and indeed strengthened.

Any questions or concerns?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1793 823731  or email