Sometimes it makes sense to let the experts take care of your toll blending…

Robnor ResinLab has expertise in toll blending large or small batch formulations and proven capabilities in contract manufacturing.

Our manufacturing capablities and experience allows us to expertly blend your in-house formulations, saving you from the hassle of this messy process. From our state of the art headquarters in Swindon, Robnor ResinLab will custom blend your epoxies and polyurethanes using our impressive range of change pan mixers and ball mills mixers.

The mixers we use range in capacity from 5 to 1000 litres and mix under high shear and vacuum processes, while our efficient production set up also enables us to guarantee full batch traceability.

Furthermore, Robnor ResinLab provides the very best in formula review, effective manufacturing, certifications, MSDS documentation, quality assurance specifications and custom packing.

You can trust Robnor ResinLab for consistent quality when choosing a supplier for the toll blending of your formulas. Our technical expertise is sure to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with in-house production.

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